Pomaderris aspera

Pomaderris aspera – Hazel Pomaderris

The sub canopy of Hazel Pomaderris (Pomaderris aspera) and Musk daisy bush (Olearia argophylla) are typical of this riparian forest EVC and can be seen along both sides of the creek.

Pomaderris flower sm

Pomaderris aspera

Riparian Forest

A fallen tree showing two scars is seen on the left of the path. These sorts of scars are similar to those often caused by the purposeful removal of bark by Aboriginal people. The bark would be used for making a variety of things, including canoes, shelter and shields. It is possible that the two scars were initially from one cut and that there has been regrowth over part of the cut.


EVCs are dynamic with the flora, fauna and physical features overlapping from one area to another and changing over time. The presence of the sedge and ferns in the ground cover and blackwoods in the sub canopy indicating a possible gradual change to cool temperate rainforest.


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