Ecological Vegetation Classes

Ecological Vegetation Classes (EVCs):




Ecologists use the EVC as a means of indicating the type of vegetation found in an area.

The Endeavour Fern Gully Property comprises 4 major EVCs which you will pass through:

1. Fern Swamp (EVC 721)

2. Riparian Forest (EVC 023),

3. Herb Rich Foothill Forest (EVC 018)

4. Forest Creekline Sedge Swamp (EVC 728).

The diversity of EVCs provides habitat for a wide variety of birds and fauna. As you walk through the gully you may see powerful owls, rufus fantails as well as a variety of more common birds such as yellow robins and shrike thrushes. Also look out for yabbie holes and the scats of wallaby and kangaroo.


Grey Shrike Thrush              Photograph: Keith Hindley

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