Climbers in the forest

The Riparian forest runs along the banks of the creek in the moist fertile soil,  prickly currant bush(Coprosma quadrifida) forms a tunnel and climbers proliferate in this gully, their scrambling habit ensuring they receive maximum light.   Mountain silk pod (Parsonsia brownii) is a tall climber with lanceolate leaves which is covering a dead Blackwood tree on the left hand side of the path. Pods contain a mass of silky hairs around the seeds.

13. Parsonsia browniism

Other climbers include forest clematis,

Another climber is forest clematis (Clematis aristata), these plants obtain maximum light for photosynthesis by clambering over tall plants .

Clematis aristata is found throughout the gully.  Young leaves are distinctively striped and the vines are a mass of flowers in the spring.  It is often known as old man’s beard due to the soft parachute hairs around the seeds.




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